Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have moved to Tumblr
Thank you!
Random url. I know.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our trials test is tomorrow and I am so not prepared for it. I just can't wait for the one week holidays.

This morning we had our usual assembly at the basketball court, but today we had our annual "Form 5 prefects retiring and new-prefects-coming-in thing". The new prefects are Zhi Jed, Sanjana, Kelly, Kabin, Ashley and Nabilah. The moment Mr Mani called up Zhi Jed I thought of Zhi Loon. I mean, Zhi Jed broke 3 records in sports and won Sportsman of the Year. All when he's still in Form 1, and now he's been picked as a prefect. He's... everything! And I kind of sympathize Zhi Loon because his younger brother gets all the fame and he's... Zhi Loon. Haha.

Our class is being a bitch! The air-cond is not functioning for the 100,000,000 time! We have been complaining to the teachers, to Uncle Jafar, to the Principal, the air-cond have been fixed several times, nothing. Nothing worked! We seriously need a new air conditioner or else we'll die from the heat. We were in this class during Form 1, Form 3 and Form 4! We have suffered for a long time. YES! It happens every year! FOL!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Go Blue House!!

Congratulations Blue house, we finally won!!! It's been 3 years. 3 years felt like 30 to us since we only have it once a year!
We also won march pass for the first time in history along with Green house. It was a tie =D
Today is such a great day for everyone =)
Yes there were some times when we get really mad at someone, stupid boy, had to disturb us when we were trying to get a good shot
But we eventually forget it and enjoy ourselves at the end of the day!
This year's captains were great. All 3 of them =)

Met a lot of seniors today, but too bad Yana didn't come
Why doesn't Nee Voon have 2PM in her collection?! All Super Junior only
Mei Yee treat me ice-cream today =) Yes, it did help me just like it helped Woo Young

Zhi Jed won Sportsman of the Year. He broke 3 records! Long jump, High jump and 200m
This guy is a freak!!! In a good way =)
I wonder how Zhi Loon must be feeling right now. Haha
Kai Ling won Sportswoman of the Year. She broke the high jump record
She's another freak!!! Her sister too!!! In a good way =)
Both kept getting first place for almost every event they participated in.

Blue won for primary school too =) They were sitting with us the whole time
They announced that Blue won for primary and the secondaries were cheering along
We looked around and there were only a few primary students left since majority of them already went home
So one random kid from Blue house just went in front and accepted the trophy
The look on his face was so cute. Haha

Okay I'm ending this post with a picture of our house master


Friday, February 26, 2010

Waited for you since September, now you're really not returning

Park Jae Beom will NOT be forgotten

I will support him

I will support 2PM

I will support Oneday

I'm not taking any sides

Park Jae Beom will remain as the Park Jae Beom everyone knew

I WILL be a Park Jae Beom fan


2PM will still remain as 2PM eventhough there's 6 now


7 will still be my favourite number

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Had Enough Of Your Shadows

School had been great this couple of days
My friends make my day =) Cuz we sort of, kind of share food in class
By the way, I'm getting sick of Ferrero Rochers 0.0
Had some before school holiday and then had some again yesterday. Such generous people =D

Finals starst tomorrow with long jump, high jump and shot putt
I'm so glad those who're not participating can go down also because I want to take pictures =) of long jump
Ah I miss Yana and Nee Voon, usually I'll be with them taking pictures everywhere
This year I'm alone... I bet Ile will only take pictures of high jump. Right Ile?

Well that's one good song out of the window T.T
That was my favourite!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open Happiness

Open up Open up some happiness

Sounds familiar to you?
Well, it's worldwide! Cuz it's coke






It's Coke!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

I was supposed to go to school this morning at 7 but I overslept until Hema called me up and we rushed to school
Fml. I barely did anything. Should have slept longer at home

After training Alvin came to my house and he came with me to get my dogs back from the vet
He amazed me with his taming skills. He controlled my craziest dog!
Even Fabian couldn't control her, and she was so calm when Alvin held her in the car.
No moving non-stop No whining Nothing! Just sitting calmly on his laps *bows down* (to the person who didn't know how to carry a dog)
Oh btw my dad gave him an ang pao

Came home. Took our bath then walked to Jusco
72 Tenants and Percy Jackson were really nice =)
Chay Lee and Thiam Eng (and some other ppl) were in the same cinema with us when we were watching 72 Tenants
After the movie I met my cousin and shockingly he knows them. I wonder how. I mean, the age gap...
Went for the second movie and met Jazmint, she was standing by the entrance and called out my name. I turned and saw her. Haha
I felt so lonely in the cinema. Fml.

I'm still in shock until now
How did Alvin calm my dog?! I'm gonna try his way next time! Wtf so pro.

Heh I just remembered. Yesterday I watched a parody video of Kim Jong Min and some guys doing Bo Peep Bo Peep, it was hilarious!
Then, my sister couldn't stop laughing in her room
Why was she laughing? Cuz Fabian was dancing to Bo Peep also. Since we have the gloves already and the song was on... Haha
See I influenced people with k-pop... Shit
I'm back!
I'm really tired right now. didn't get enough sleep
Going out later to watch Percy Jackson and 72 Tenants

Both my nieces are staying at home today
Someone will have company

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year =)

Yes. Get Ang Pao!!!

Enjoy your holidays =)
I myself am going to hunt for the second guy with the red hair in Hong Kong
Have fun people! =D

Friday, February 12, 2010

School seemed to be great yet boring at the same time today
There was supposed to be an MSSD Trials? going on this morning but Mr Mani was on mc so it was cancelled
We only studied Sejarah today, while the rest were free periods
Ms Phua and Mr Mani were absent, Pn Guna and Mr Sara were in a good mood so they decided to give us a free period and no homework!

Class was like this during when Pn Guna entered

Pn Guna : Selamat pagi kelas.
4S : Selamat pagi Puan Guna, Happy Valentine's Day Puan Guna, Happy Chinese New Year Puan Guna, Eat oranges Puan Guna, Happy Holidays Puan Guna
Pn Guna : *smiles* Okay, today I give free period lah...

I think she intended to give us free period even if we didn't say those things. At least those words made her smile about how lifeless we are or about how sweet we are I don't know la
Mr Sara seemed to be in a good mood too... I wonder why

The guys brought A LOT OF Ferrero Rocher today =)
Hong Yue and Win Jian bought one box for the girls while the rest of the guys who bought just wanted to give the "aheeems"
There were VIN, WAI QUEN, SAM, EDMUND! Yes so we were practically helping them with the chocolates
Sorry to say but Sam and Edmund had the nicest ones because Sam's was in a box and Edmund's was wrapped. You have no idea how frustrating it was when we wanted to tie the ribbon for Edmund =.= Couldn't tell which was the top and which was the bottom
But I guess all four of them are happy now =) That's the important thing (and we got to have the extra chocolates)

My brothers surprised me with the roses =)
I was literally expecting something more...err... well something I can actually brag about without thinking "why do I have this when it's not even my Valentine who gave it to me? fml." Haha
I love them =) Both my brothers and the roses

I reached home then entered my room. There it is "shining" brightly

My FRIENDS complete season from 1-10! My face literally went :D
I love them too! Both my sister and the FRIENDS

The weather is so screwed up today
It was burning hot in the afternoon then rained so heavily in the evening
It's seriously time to save our mother Earth before she dies

Dropped our dog at the vet, saw a husky =D Sadly it has normal eyes. Lol
Then my sis wanted to go somewhere else. I asked her how long it was going to take, she said it's going to be really quick
I took one whole hour =.= Almost made me miss 2AM and 2PM's joint stage on Music Bank!
Just few minutes earlier! I was so pissed when I reached home because normally when people say "it's going to be really quick" You wont expect it to take 1 hour!

I love it when 2AM and 2PM sings each other's songs =)